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Harrison Circle / Morris Heights Health Center Bronx, NY

Residential/ Commercial / 6 Story / 72 Units / Affordable Housing



  • 72 Unit Intercom with Upgradable Video Capabilitie
  •  Concierge System with Emergency Call Features
  •  Digital Directory Panel




  • 32 Camera System, 20 for the Commercial Side & 12 for the Residential Side
  • 2 Separate DVR Systems Integrated to 1 Centralized Client Software with up to 2 Years of Backup

Oak Beverage Warehouse Rockland County

Commercial / 2 Buildings / 10,000 SQ. Ft. / Warehouse  



  •  16 High Resolution Cameras, 6 Weather proof Outdoor & 10 Indoor
  •  16 Channel DVR HD Realtime
  •   17" High Res Monitor
  •  Networked to Office
  •  Coaxial Cable Runs
  •  Repositioned Existing Cameras For Optimal Performance



Leonard Street Tribeca NYC

Residential / 9 Story / 16 Units / Luxury Lofts



  • Above is 34 Leonard Street in the lower part of Manhattan in Tribeca. An IPS Technician was sub-contracted to re-evaluate the existing system because of faulty and non-functional cameras. The IPS technician evaluated the system and found missed labeled faulty connections due to poor workmanship. Our IPS Tech fixed the problem by simply re-terminating all cables with the appropriate 75 Ohm BNC connectors and labeling all cameras with its appropriate locations. This makes for much easier troubleshooting in the future, saving time and money.
  • Integrators Plus Services, LLC has worked with many other buildings across New York City and New York State areas finding poor, faulty workmanship. IPS, LLC Takes Pride in there Work, Getting it Right the First Time.

Irving Place Gramercy Park NYC

Residential / 11 Story / 9 Units / Modern Luxury



  •  14 Touchscreen Video Intercom with Automation Capabilities
  •  Concierge System with Touchscreen 
  •  Single Button Video Panel for Townhouse



  •  16 High Resolution Vadal/WaterProof Color Cameras Including Elevators
  • 16 Channel DVR HD Realtime Networked
  •  17" High Res Monitor viewed from the Concierge Desk


*Access Control System

  •  23 Low Profile Card Readers
  •  1 Long Range Reader including Services Door & Garage
  •  KeyFobs & One Button Transmitters
  •  Programmable Elevator Control

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